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A series from Hollander Design Group.

Hollander Design Group is committed to providing thoughtful and current information to our partners and greater community during this uncertain time. Our team is here to support you and your efforts to return to the workplace by solving problems through the power of design.

We believe the conversation about safety and security in the workplace will be perpetual. These newsletters reflect serious research into various government and private playbooks” as well as our considerable experience with clean rooms and a variety of corporate spaces. We are experts in creating warm, thoughtful, and safe spaces reflecting the authentic culture our clients protect.

Our newsletters discuss the emotions that need addressing as well as design strategies for the next workplace.

August 12, 2020 Analysis Paralysis
July 14, 2020 A Safer Workspace — Air Quality Part 2
June 24, 2020 A Safer Workspace — Air Quality Part 1
June 02, 2020 So Now What?
May 08, 2020 Returning to a Different Workplace

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