With the ability to work anywhere, what is the role of the workplace today?

That question was relevant 10 years ago when we started Hollander Design Group, but it’s even more relevant today. It’s become evident there are elements of how we work virtually that just cannot compete with being together. Our focus is creating safe spaces that bring people together.

We desire to understand your organization. We spend extra time up front to discover what makes you unique in your marketplace.

Principal Viveca Bissonnette’s background is not only in interior design, but also in cultural anthropology. She uses the techniques of anthropologists to truly understand our clients, how our clients operate, and their culture. This understanding informs our entire design process.

Our design process is dedicated to helping you get what you want. We will bring you the expertise in terms of how things are built so that you can get the best value for your money. We will help you shepherd the ideas that you’ve selected through the processes of your management committees, design steering committees, and other stakeholders so that we can help you build consensus within your organization to get the best solution for you.

People come to us for the complicated projects. The projects that no one else knows how to do. The projects that don't fit anywhere else. We love a challenge.

And we have plenty of experience working across many different industries — technology, life sciences, professional services, hospitality, retail, building repositioning, change management, strategic planning, manufacturing, and assembly labs, to name a few.

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